Retargeting in 2024: Is it Dead or Does it Just Look That Way?

Lot of Facebook advertisers are going to tell you straight to your face that retargeting in 2024 is dead. Retargeting Effectiveness for Low Ticket Products Fact that a lot of people say retargeting in 2024 is dead I don’t necessarily disagree with them for certain products I think if you’re running let’s say apparel ads…


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Retargeting in 2024

Retargeting in 2024 Is it Dead or Does it Just Look That Way

Lot of Facebook advertisers are going to tell you straight to your face that retargeting in 2024 is dead.

Retargeting Effectiveness for Low Ticket Products

Fact that a lot of people say retargeting in 2024 is dead I don’t necessarily disagree with them for certain products I think if you’re running let’s say apparel ads or some low ticket stuff. You probably are better off honestly spending a majority of your money if not all of it on actual cold campaigns you’re spending 50 bucks a day or so on ad that’s all you have to spend maybe allocate 10$ a day to retargeting if that okay if you’re on a lower budget level.

The Vital Role of Retargeting in High Ticket Product Sales

And it’s a cheaper product retargeting might not be your best option however where I firmly disagree here and where I think a lot of these people that say retarding is dead also disagree with their owned advice. It is when it comes to high ticket products things that are $500 $800 1,000 plus dollars things that you need to have a longer purchase timeline on where the buyer journey is longer things like these retargeting as far as ads in general is always going to be effective.

The average person doesn’t just buy a $1,000 item on a whip the average person spends a little bit ideating and thinking about it and if you don’t run retarget ads to them you’re going to lose out on a lot of them cuz a lot of them are going to think about your product add it to their cart think about buying it and go eh maybe not I’ll wait a little bit well that waiting a little bit usually turns into waiting a lot of bit and never so on.

A Case Study on Successful Black Friday Campaign Strategies

Buying so unless you provide them with a bunch of retarding ads to re excite them and get them back into the buying mood and your buying ecosystem chances are you’re letting a lot of sales slip through the cracks which is especially true for one of our clients during Black Friday right the way. That we actually ran their ads during Black Friday is is pretty interesting in total they did about $166,000 in Revenue over Black Friday Cyber Monday and the actual ad.

Ad Spend there was 1,300 bucks $900 of that went to a cold campaign and the $270 is went to the retargeting campaign and here’s exactly how we kind of ran it during Black Friday Cyber Monday they actually ran their sale a bit longer than just that week so we started off just at 50 bucks a day in cold campaigns no retargeting for the first week week and a halfish of the actual sales we just ran the cold campaign because we wanted new interested website visitors 

To come into the site which is exactly what we got we optimised and maximised for that and then after we had those new people com to the site and we deemed there were enough people visiting and buying from there we then shifted the budget to 50 bucks in actual cold spend and 20 bucks a retargeting spend mainly for website visitors because we now had a pool of recent website visitors interested in the Black Friday sale price then what we did there was over.

Overview of the Black Friday Sales Performance

Time we started to see that retargeted campaign really ramp up it Effectiveness so we started to modify the budget even more and at the $70 a day total budget we then shifted it to now $4 on the retargeting side and $30 on the cold side this retargeting campaign is now at this time of this video averaging a $39 cost per purchase and a 31.4 times return on ad spend which is absolutely nuts that’s crazy effective for the campaign and those are insane numbers.

Impact of Eliminating Third-Party Cookies on Retargeting Advertising

OverviewThird-party cookies, fundamental to retargeting ads, face challenges due to increasing privacy concerns. Businesses are reevaluating advertising strategies.
Definition of CookiesCookies store browsing data; first-party cookies aid user experience, while third-party cookies track users across websites. Privacy concerns focus on the latter.
Public FightsNotable conflict between Facebook and Apple; Safari’s blocking of third-party tracking affects Facebook’s retargeting ads. Privacy vs. core business issues.
Impact on Small BusinessesPlatforms like Facebook and Google Adwords heavily relying on third-party cookies see diminished targeting abilities. Relevance in ads decreases, affecting the success of advertising campaigns.
Impact on PublishersDisplay ads, a lifeline for many publishers, become less effective without third-party cookies. Advertisers pay less, potentially pushing publishers toward paywall business models.
World Without CookiesSafari blocks third-party cookies; Google (Chrome) follows suit, impacting over 50% of U.S. web users. Advertisers need alternatives to track user activity, signalling a shift towards a cookie-less future.
AlternativesGoogle’s Privacy Sandbox initiative aims at open standards for enhanced web privacy. Impact on platforms reliant on retargeting ads, like Facebook, remains uncertain.
SummaryEliminating third-party cookies is a positive step for user privacy, but challenges arise for small businesses dependent on retargeting ads. Transition period may lead to less effective advertising campaigns.
OpportunitiesBusinesses can view the transition as an opportunity to improve existing ads. Reduced competition in ads may lead to cost savings. Digital marketing remains effective despite changes in tracking technologies.

Debunking the Myth – Retargeting’s Relevance in Facebook Ads

For pretty much any industry let alone e-commerce but again if we just ran the cold campaign the cold campaign itself in our ad account is currently running at a 7.72 return ad spend which is still a very good number but you have to think if we didn’t run that retargeting ad campaign right and we spent that money on the cold campaign instead we would still get purchases obviously at a good return on ad spend level but the actual volume of purchases 

 And that number that we’d be getting in total revenue at Toler Road would be so much lower which is one of the cases where retargeting makes a lot of sense and that I would absolutely recommend it for your business which ties us back full circle to the final point which retargeting isn’t truly dead when it comes to Facebook ads it just matters what product you’re selling if you’re a giant corporate company like ‘’Built Basics’’ or you know Cuts obviously,

They have some kind of retargeting spend in their ad ecosystem because they’re probably spending like $1,000 a day on ads but if you’re a relative small fry spending let’s say 30 40 50 bucks a day on ads and you’re an average price item retargeting probably isn’t for you but if you’re a high ticket customer and you’re selling a large and expensive product I would definitely say that retargeting is for you and I would argue it’s an absolute necessity not an option.

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