B2C Marketing Strategy Framework: Key Elements and Best Practices

B2C Marketing Strategy is steadily becoming more and more competitive. Consumers are increasingly skeptical because they’re bombarded by more ads emails, and tags than ever before. We marketers are expected to achieve more results with less budget, less organic reach, and, in many cases, less data and more competition. Still, one thing’s for sure: average…


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B2C Marketing Strategy Framework

B2C Marketing Strategy Framework Key Elements and Best Practices

B2C Marketing Strategy is steadily becoming more and more competitive. Consumers are increasingly skeptical because they’re bombarded by more ads emails, and tags than ever before. We marketers are expected to achieve more results with less budget, less organic reach, and, in many cases, less data and more competition. Still, one thing’s for sure: average ads, average emails, average SEO, and average digital marketing will not get results. 

It’s not all bad. You can still win; you need to be significantly better. Better, the good news is today we will be covering 7 b2c marketing strategies you can implement to succeed in this terrifying hellscape. I mean modern economy, and although today’s examples are B2C, the same principles apply to B2B as well. 

Understanding Your Audience for B2C Marketing Strategy Success

These seven techniques are in action. All right, let’s start with the basics: Understand your audience. When I say I know your audience, I’m not discussing designing your customer Avatar. We’ve been through that. I’m discussing finding a hook that resonates and positioning yourself to Stand out. For example, Earplugs are boring, right? Maybe not.

Loop Ear Plugs – A Case of Deep Audience Understanding

Loop Earplugs is a B2C earplug company that has a unique angle because it’s identified as the target audience. Let’s look at the image. It’s young people’s look at how they’re positioning the product. This is like technology. Of course, they also look different, encouraging people to rethink what they already knew about this product category. There are even collaborations, yeah. 

Earplug collaborations, and they’ve identified an audience with particular needs that they can Target. This is a brand that profoundly understands Its audience. It’s also a fantastic e-commerce site. Look what happens when you add to the cart: you get these upsell opportunities. You get this little bar at the top, which encourages you to add products to your basket to increase your order value to get these bonuses. It’s just great anyway.

They’ve understood their target audience and built messages tailored to resonate with that audience. 

Dominating Paid Search in the Age of Generative AI:

Strategy number two is to dial in your paid search. Paid search has always been excellent, but we ninjas thinkers can have a Renaissance because of the generative AI coming to search results. Just look at how Bing is embedding chat GPT-powered Bing chat into its search results and how it’s using ads in those answers, and Google is doing a similar thing with search generative experience, building shopping ads into the AI-generated answers these platforms are going to be spending more serving up generative AI in their search results so,

Preparing for the Generative AI Era in Paid Search

They’re going to be very keen to build ads into these answers, and that is good news for advertisers, or at least with well-paid search campaigns, so how do you prepare for this well? The first thing to do is ensure you’ve got profitable paid search campaigns running for your business. We expect the number of advertisers to increase as Google and Bing roll out generative AI in their search results in some companies. 

Winning Strategies for High-Performing Paid Search Campaigns

A drop in organic traffic might be piling into paid search; instead, the ad platforms are also trying to make it easier for advertisers to get started by offering generative AI ad tools, so who will win in this new era? Well, Google, of course, the first rule of digital marketing is Google always wins, but the other winners are going to be those marketers that have established high-performing paid search campaigns and can deliver the most per click. I have now,

  • Profitably dialed in campaigns
  • High-performing landing pages
  • Primarily targeted audience lists

Positioning and Niches: Crafting Your Unique Brand Identity

Let me show you a couple of examples here. So here we have two brands on Instagram.

Vegan Shoes Showdown: Will’s Vegan Store vs Koi

They are selling vegan shoes. This is Will’s vegan store, and the images are pretty high-end. This is like travel. It’s a lifestyle. It looks pretty cool, and that’s because they’re serving a more premium audience now compared to Koi, which still sells vegan shoes but with a different positioning. It’s much younger looking; it’s more fast fashion; it’s a bit more trendy and bright, bold colors. Both vegan shoes have very different positioning. Get it if not.

Check out this example: insurance. This is dead happy now. Selling life insurance is a tricky thing. It’s something nobody wants to think about, and it’s something that young people don’t want to think about, but Dead Happy has set up to sell life insurance to young people. How do they do it well? They make it calm, use entirely different language, use bold brands, and even make it fun by choosing a younger one.

Targeting Specific Audiences – Polly’s Niche Approach in Insurance

Customer base: they’re targeting an audience that most insurers aren’t interested in trying to reach. Here’s another insurance company taking a different approach. This is poly. Now Polly’s offering life insurance for young people and mums, okay, so why is this niching thing a good idea? Well, first up it, Narrow your focus. Think about it: Polly doesn’t have to outspend all of the significant established insurers, reaching everyone possible to 

Sell them life insurance. They can Target mums through the sort of marketing channels that mums are spending time on. Secondly, it makes product Market fit easier and easier to communicate by completely tailoring their product to this target audience. They have a much better chance of resonating with that audience and improving the conversion rate of any landing page that they’re going to show because their target audience is immediately going.

See themselves represented on that page. Look at all the imagery on this site. This is targeted very specifically for mums. They’re using phrases like mums know best which every mom is going to agree with, and to be fair, most of the dads got that right, and of course, they can make the emotional sale by creating this page all about the children, which is really why any mum is going to buy life insurance anyway now you may say yeah but by targeting just mums. 

Polly’s restriction of their target audience is valid, but the parent company owns many of these different niche insurance brands. They have insurance for mums and dads and insurance for the over 50s. I love it. It’s Central BC’s marketing strategy.

Emphasising Social Responsibility in Your B2C Marketing

Number four is emphasizing your social responsibility credentials. According to Harvard Business School, 70% of Americans believe it’s essential for companies. 

It’s a reality that today’s consumers are looking for brands that align with their values. Now, the types of things that consumers are looking for in ethical businesses include selling ethically sourced products, treating their staff well, being transparent with customers, avoiding false marketing claims, and striving for 

Constant Improvement: what can you do to show your customers that you care about improving the world? You can start by setting out your principle levels on your website. Here we see,

Highlighting Social Responsibility Credentials: Candy Kitten’s Example

How Gourmet confectionery company Candy Kitten focuses on sustainability, building a Greener future, and caring about the environment. The fact that they’re a B Corp, info about their packaging, and a quote from one of the founders about how important this is to the business.

It doesn’t just need to be sexy direct-to-consumer businesses.

Here’s a construction consultancy that lays out its philosophy on its page. It shares its company values, explains what its culture is about, and talks about social responsibility.

Being Legit and Avoiding Greenwashing in Your Marketing

To make the world a Better place now, it does tend to be the younger Generations that index more highly on these environmental and societal goals. Of course, this means that companies that take a stand will see further benefits as consumers age, and it’s essential to say be legit here. Don’t just treat this as a box-ticking exercise. Today’s consumers are Savvy, and if they can smell greenwashing, they are going to smack you over the head with your Vegan shoe. 

The Power of Personalization: Tailoring Experiences for Consumers

All right, principle number five is personalization, where you can want to personalize your consumer’s experience; this is serving dynamic content on your website as Amazon does. They’re the Masters here on this homepage. So much of this homepage is tailored to my recommendations.

Segmenting Email Lists and Tailoring Ad Campaigns for Better Results

Although they have made the mistake of thinking I’m some natural man, my previous purchases are embarrassing. Of course, you also want to segment your email marketing list. This allows you to tailor your email marketing promotions to people who’ve already expressed interest in particular products or services, but this can also mean things like personalizing your landing pages according to the locations people are in when they click on your PPC ad.

For example, check out this local plumbing firm that isn’t a local plumbing firm. Still, they have localized landing pages because they know that if they show a local name on that landing page, they’re more likely to get the conversion than if it’s just a national brand with a national phone number, and of course, you want to be tailoring your ads to People by running specific remarketing and dynamic remarketing and retargeting AD campaigns.

Digital PR: Elevating Credibility and SEO for Your Business

Having a business featured in high Authority Publications that your target audience spends their time in has always been a good idea. It’s excellent for credibility. Yes, of course, it can lead to more brand awareness and traffic to your very own website, but it’s also killer for your credibility and SEO. Now, in this example for one of our clients, we identified that there was a new story Brewing about the opioid crisis and Fentanyl. Now we’ve got an addiction Clinic client who’s 

 Treated people for opioid addiction, and we were able to get them featured prominently in this article with a great success story from one of their patients. Look at the quality of this testimonial and that of an actual Top Authority publication. Yeah, yes, it’s great for traffic. It’s great to have a link, but what does this also do for their credibility? It’s phenomenal, but you can also get super creative with your newsjacking for 

Strategies for Digital PR Success – A Case Study with an Addiction Clinic

For example, here’s a story about Madonna and the fact that she had to delay her US tour. It may not be a usual source for a link to a digital marketing agency called Exposure Ninja. If you’re persistent enough, there are ways,

Unlocking Potential with Video Marketing for B2C Brands

For example, our client, Golf Course Lawn, run by Ron Henry, uses video marketing to build a personal connection with their target audience. This ultimately differentiates them from the other companies selling lawn care. Of course, one is great on camera, but he’s great on camera because he’s passionate about what he’s talking about. These videos do well because they tap into a topic that people care about the true Masters in this area.

The Kylie Jenner Video Marketing Phenomenon: Lessons for All Businesses

Kardashian Jenners, take advantage of it. Could you stick with me here, Arielle? This video is an 11-minute, 42-second infomercial to sell one of Kylie’s makeup kits, but of course, it’s not an infomercial because it’s had 4.4 million views for zero media spending now. If you think watching someone do their makeup for 11 minutes and 42 seconds sounds like a long time, some people here ask for a three-hour version. Yeah, now, by the way, don’t!

Dismiss this because it’s different from your business. You don’t sell makeup. I can see you about to skip forward. Could you not do it? Could you stick with me? You should watch this Kylie Jenner video in full and not because you care about makeup or Kylie; I hope you do. You should watch this because you care about building a relationship with your customers through video to sell them products through massive organic reach. 

With zero cost of distribution, YouTube user Tad Hug says Kylie’s makeup is an art. That may be true, but taddock, Kylie’s organic reach is the real art here. By the way, if you’re watching this, thinking ah yeah, but these Productions are slick. We need the tech to make smooth Productions exhibit Duolingo’s tick-tock, and with something coming called Google Perspectives, video is poised to become a more substantial product. 

Discovery media them for potential customers and more about Google perspectives in just a second. Those are the first seven tips.

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